This article uses information from Minecraft Wiki. A sword is a long melee weapon. It consists of a handle with a thick blade with sharp edges. Different materials used to make swords often vary. The better the material, the better the sword.

Swords are weapons that are primarily used to kill mobs or players quicker than punching them with the bare hands. They also remove some blocks faster than using a player's bare hands (such as leaves, vines, and melons, though especially cobwebs). Each broken block counts as two uses on the sword's Durability when used in this way.

The sword is a short-range weapon. Swords were previously used to block attacks up until The Combat Update, where Shields replaced sword-blocking. A player cannot break/mine anything with this weapon.

A way to use swords without being hit is to dig a trench such that a player's head is the same level as the mob's feet. A player must of course have blocks over his head so that mobs do not come into the trench. It is then possible to hit mobs without them seeing a player: this prevents mobs from retaliating. This method is efficient when defending a fortified building, but is nearly useless when exploring except for whenever a player encounters the 2-block wide spider.